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Monday in Tbilisi

Monday pictures from the capital of Georgia.

I’m a cat magnet, and this kitten on top of a mountain nearly came home with me! Such a big purrer! Then there was the random dog on the stairs up – followed by a random DUCK.

Tbilisi’s skyline shows the city’s history as a crossroads between Europe and Asia, with some Soviet architectural scars to boot. So many beautiful old buildings are falling to pieces.

And then there was the mountaintop Soviet-style entertainment!






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Lenin is Gone!

This is the spot in the middle of Kyiv where the Lenin statue was famously pulled down during Ukraine’s revolution. The base (that thing on the right) is all that is there now!


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Russians are shooting children now…

Here is the result of pro-Russian attack on a civilian family in Ukraine.

Others have been killed today on what is the big celebration of Victory Day in Eastern Europe.

In the meantime, there was a full scale Soviet military parade in Moscow today.

My mind keeps going back to that idiot army guy I spoke to who tried to tell me countries will intervene when shots are fired. Shots were fired months ago…

Find out more here.

“On the Lugansk region separatists shooted the family. Parents are dead, child in hospital.

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Any Russians who want to leave stupid, aggressive, uninformed, propaganda-laden posts on my blog should probably not bother.

It doesn’t exactly help your cause.


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There was a protest outside the Russian embassy in Canberra today – people objecting to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Pro-Ukrainian Anti-Russian invasion protest Canberra Australia 5th March 2014 2

I’ve been inside that embassy a time or two. It’s… totally rundown. While the protest was going on a few men were sent out with cameras.

Pro-Ukrainian Anti-Russian invasion protest Canberra Australia 5th March 2014 Russians taking photographs

But – eh – who cares? They can’t exactly send snipers out here, and I’ve been to Russia a number of times now. No desire whatsoever to go back.

Pro-Ukrainian Anti-Russian invasion protest Canberra Australia 5th March 2014

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Death toll rising…

This is the Ukrainian government’s version of we’re not armed and shooting people. Obviously they forget cameras exist.

Or maybe it’s just that they don’t care.

Five people are known to be dead so far, with others missing, hundreds injured and no doubt more to come. If it’s not the government doing it, then how’d the people get the bullets in their bodies?!

Edited to add that the missing activist has been found dead.

From the Kyiv Post


Pro-Russian Ukrainian Government shooting unarmed citizens Kyiv Ukraine January 2014

Ukraine Protest


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Since I last wrote about Ukraine

Ukraine Protest

UPDATES: There’re now more deaths, and the missing activist has been found dead.

Since I last wrote, the Ukrainian government has made it illegal to protest, and also illegal to wear hard hats (which protestors have been doing so they’re not as badly injured when bashed by the police).

olga-tokariukKyiv Ukraine pro-Ukrainian protestors pro-Russian violence January 2014

Worse than that, two activists were dragged out of their hospital beds and disappeared. One returned after being beaten in a forest. Another is still missing.

But – worse – they’ve started killing activists. Unarmed activists. As I type this, three are dead. Two of them shot by snipers.

EDIT: And we were wondering where the live video feed went to. Well, it went HERE. The police kidnapped and beat up the journalist who was filming it.

Ukraine_protest_140122_AAPKyiv Ukraine pro-Ukrainian protestors pro-Russian violence January 2014

Despite all of the carry-on about the bad things certain Russians have been doing, I’ve not the slightest doubt it’s all going to be swept under the carpet the moment the Olympics start. The bad guys in the current situation in Ukraine are either ethnic Russians who refuse to speak Ukraine’s national language, or Russian-leaning Ukrainians who hunger for a return to Soviet conditions.

I’m so bloody over the romanticising of all things Russian and all things Soviet. The next time I see some Western idiot wearing a CCCP t-shirt like it’s all retro and cool, I’m going to go and… well, commit a crime of some sort.


On another note, thank you to George Clooney for supporting Ukraine with his t-shirt at his newest film’s publicity event. That’s the imprisoned Yulia Tymoshenko in the picture.

clooney-featureYulia Tymoshenkgeorgeo

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