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Casa de Pilatos

Today at the old mansion Casa de Pilatos in the old centre of Seville, Spain. It was as hot as it looks in the pictures!



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More of today in Seville

They were building this when I was in Seville ten years ago. I saw it for the first time in 2013, and we returned a few hours ago. That is only part of this record-breaking structure.


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Today in Seville




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Plaza de España

Today in Seville. Because of all the terror threats, and the heavily-armed police around now, we got a bit of a shock there today. There was a flamenco dancer performing, as well as people illegally selling fans and trashy souvenirs. The illegal sellers got a tip-off the police were coming and all packed up and bolted.

Because of the sounds of the flamenco dancer’s feet, people panicked when the others started running. It sounded like a terror attack… This is a weird world now.



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To Córdoba

It was over 40 degrees today, and will be for the rest of the week we’re here! This is my third visit to this southern Spanish city in the past decade, but there’s always something new to see.


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Today in Spain

Scenes from Malaga on this supremely hot afternoon. The cathedral, the Pompidou Centre, the port.

The horses are outside the bullring, being prepared for the fight tonight. They’re beautiful animals, but I don’t want to think about what comes later. One of the greys has a stitched-up wound. The bigger horses are ridden by the picadors, and they face off against the bulls during the fight.

I am in the red in one of the pictures.






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Today in Málaga

Notice the flags at half-mast (or half-staff) in the second picture, because of the terror attacks. The first picture is of the Roman ampitheatre and the Alcazaba. There is a castle behind it, but you can’t see it here.





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