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End-of-Summer Sky in Canberra

Sonya Heaney Blue Summer Sky Sunshine Canberra Australia Eucalyptus Tree Gum Tree 24th February 2019

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24/02/2019 · 4:05 pm

Canberra’s First Autumn Colours

It’s not much, but here are our first autumn leaves in the garden in Canberra today. We have temperatures in the thirties forecast into March, but the trees know what season it is!

The First Autumn Leaves Garden Nature Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney Autumn Colours 24th February 2019 Summer Sky Blue Sky Sunshine

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Canberra Summer Sunset

It was an amazing sunset in Canberra just now!

Canberra Australia Summer Sunset Sonya Heaney 8th February 2019 Sky Nature

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Canberra Heatwave

Here’s our resident red wattlebird trying to cope with the heat on Saturday afternoon. For reference, the second picture is what it’s supposed to look like – and does when it’s not forty degrees all week!

red wattlebird canberra australia summer heatwave sonya heaney 25th january 2019


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Australia Day…

Things aren’t going to be very comfortable for the official, mostly outdoor (and increasingly controversial) Australia Day events here in Canberra (that run from the 25th-26th)!

canberra australia day heatwave 24th-25th-26th january 2019

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After the storm….

We had a freak five-minute lightning/hail storm in Canberra this afternoon, and this is what the sky looked like at dinnertime.

after the storm canberra australia summer sunset sonya heaney 23rd january 2019 sky nature

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Summer Heatwave Sunset in Canberra

Taken from the car on the way over Lake Burley Griffin on Sunday, so it’s not that great!

canberra summer heatwave sunset australia sonya heaney 20th january 2019

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