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I’m not planning on watching Eurovision this year, but seeing as it’s Eurovision weekend (as well as election weekend in Australia!), here’s the best performance in the whole history of the competition: Ukraine’s Verka Serduchka in 2007.

The event took place in Helsinki, Finland that year, and I was actually in the cityi with my brother at the time. We are in the footage they broadcast from the city’s main square.

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The Hopak

Today is International Dance Day, so please enjoy this performance of the Hopak, the national dance of Ukraine. Most people have seen these steps, these big jumps, and these costumes, but few realise they’re Ukrainian (those baggy trousers and the headdresses with the ribbons are distinctive Ukrainian national clothes, and not worn by Russians). It’s what most people would probably call “Cossack dancing”.

The fact it’s from a telecast on Russia-1, a television station that now dishes up anti-Ukrainian Kremlin propaganda day in and day out, is not lost on me!

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Happy Ukrainian Christmas!

Ukrainian Christmas Eve Canberra Australia Ukrainian Embroidery Ukrainian Culture Sonya Heaney 6th January 2018

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07/01/2019 · 4:30 am

Cooking for Ukrainian Christmas

We made ninety-five varenyky this afternoon, for Ukrainian Christmas Eve tomorrow. Here are some of them:

varenyky ukrainian christmas sonya heaney canberra australia 5th january 2019

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Four Years

Kyiv Ukraine Euromaidan Memorials Sonya Heaney May 2016

A memorial to the dead I photographed in 2016.

Today is the fourth anniversary of the end of Ukraine’s Euromaidan revolution. On the 20th of February, 2014 pro-Russian snipers took to the streets and shot and killed as many civilians as they could manage.


Snipers in the same spot the memorials are now.

The revolution resulted in overthrowing the corrupt, dictatorial oligarch in charge of the country, but he fled to Russia and paved the way for Putin’s invasion shortly afterwards.

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Go Ukraine!

Huge congratulations to Ukraine’s Oleksandr Abramenko for his Olympic gold medal win in men’s aerials freestyle skiing! It was not expected.

Ukraine's Oleksandr Abramenko won the men's aerials freestyle skiing gold medal to break Belarus' dominance in the event at the Winter Olympics..

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Ukrainian Christmas

The main Ukrainian Christmas celebrations are the night before, but this 40+ degree too-hot day in Canberra was Ukrainian Christmas.

The first picture shows the traditional extra table setting Ukrainians have for family members who have died.

Ukrainian Christmas Eve 6th January 2018 Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney Canberra Australia Table Setting for Family Members who have Died Christmas Table Christmas Tree

Ukrainian Christmas Eve 6th January 2018 Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney Canberra Australia Christmas Tree

Ukrainian Christmas Eve 6th January 2018 Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney Canberra Australia Silver Christmas Tree Silver Blue Gold Decorations

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